About us

Resurgo Trust was founded through St Paul’s church in Hammersmith in 2003. From the outset, it has aimed to stimulate significant social transformation in local communities by helping people facing serious social disadvantage to transform their situation.

Over the past decade, Resurgo’s flagship initiative, Spear, has helped over 3,000 young people into employment or education. Since Spear was launched in Hammersmith in 2004, we have grown to eight centres across London, working with over 750 young people each year.

Resurgo Ventures seeks to partner with early stage social enterprises to help them expand their reach.

Resurgo seeks to raise aspiration in those it serves and to inspire others in the community to participate by working together. Over 200 volunteers participate in our services annually.

In July 2010, following six months of due diligence, Resurgo was adopted onto the Impetus-PEF venture philanthropy portfolio to support its impact, replication and growth.

In 2013, Resurgo won the Guardian Charity Awards recognised for our outstanding contribution to social welfare, excellence and innovation among small and medium sized charities.