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Because we believe the impossible is possible. Resurgo brings people together from across the community to see our society changed.

Resurgo means to rise up again. It describes our belief in the unbelievable difference we can all make in the world around us when we work together. By connecting our creativity, talents and resources we can move mountains to create a greater society together.

Resurgo’s initiatives are Spear, an award-winning programme helping young unemployed people into work or education, and Resurgo Ventures, supporting  emerging social entrepreneurs to make a positive impact on society.

Social change is too important to leave to politicians or experts alone – it is something we all have a stake in and each of us has a crucial part to play. Only by working together can we achieve the social and cultural goals we hold in common.

Resurgo connects people regardless of background around this shared vision. We work with local residents, social entrepreneurs, businesses, artists, volunteers and many others. As a registered charity based out of local churches, our work is fully inclusive and open to all, so that together we can create a more inspiring society and a stronger legacy for future generations to enjoy. 


In 2013, Resurgo won the Guardian Charity Awards for our strong contribution to social welfare, excellence and innovation among small and medium-sized charities. We were listed as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces in the Great Place to Work Awards 2016.

Our Financial Accounts for year ending 2017 can be found here: Resurgo Financial Accounts 2017. Previous years’ are available here: Resurgo Financial Accounts 2016 & Resurgo Financial Accounts 2015.


Our impact

Resurgo is committed to ensuring our work makes as much difference as possible. We monitor and measure our impact on a continual basis.

Since 2012, Resurgo has undertaken a comprehensive analysis of our theory of change and has implemented impact management tools and processes to help gain real-time visibility on our programmes.

our impact young people

Spear’s Impact

Over 75% of completers are still in work a year later.

75% graphic

We work with those who need most help.

89% have at least one indicator of disadvantage
54% had parents on benefits24% have family involved in crime58% have under 5 GCSEs14% grew up in care

Resurgo Ventures' Impact

Resurgo Ventures is our newest initiative. Since its beginning in 2013, Ventures has worked with over 20 early-stage social enterprises, helping them develop their social impact. As our work with social enterprises develops, we will be developing our long-term impact management in this area, to ensure the effectiveness of this work.