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We believe that apprenticeships are a brilliant route to committed, home-grown diverse employees with skills you need for your business now and in the future. We can help with that.

Our experience coaching over 5,000 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds over the last 15 years, and our work with employers to provide work-ready entry-level staff, has confirmed our belief that young people have the vital untapped talent and ability that employers need. We can help deliver that.

We can offer:

  • Apprenticeship training in:
    • Customer Service Level 2
    • Business Admin Level 3
  • Access to our diverse pool of over 700 work-ready Spear candidates each year
  • Help to understand your Levy spend
  • Support and training for the managers of your apprentices
  • Help to retain apprentices, reducing staff turnover

We will work with your organisation to develop an apprenticeship training programme that best meets your needs.

Customer Service: Level 2

Resurgo will work with you and train/support the apprentice to:

  • Be a trusted and professional first point of contact in your organisation
  • Positively benefit your customers’ experience and satisfaction with your organisation
  • Demonstrate excellent customer service skills and behaviours
  • Provide service in line with your organisation’s standards and strategy
  • Manage professional customer interactions

Contact us for more information.

Business Admin: Level 3

Resurgo will work with you and train/support the apprentice to:

  • Support and engage with different parts of the organisation
  • Interact with colleagues and external customers
  • Add value: through efficiency, support and resolving issues

Many employers use this apprenticeship as a channel to further career opportunities, such as management or senior support roles.

Contact us for more information.

Find out more

If you want to know more about our Apprenticeships Programme, please  contact James Woolley, Apprenticeships Corporate Partnerships Manager, on

You can read our Complaints Procedure here: Apprentice Complaints Procedure