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Preparing young people for employers, and employers for young people

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Our commitment to impact means our corporate partners can be assured of achieving the best results – for your business, for young people and for society more broadly.

Spear can only be successful with the help of businesses, who in turn gain CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) benefits.

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The three most common partnerships are:

Strategic Partners:

Our strategic partners work with us to tackle business and social problems together. These partners see a need to recruit and train entry-level staff from their local communities, often as part of apprenticeship or traineeship programmes. We support our strategic partners to both recruit these young people, and to train, manage and develop them.

Cohort Partners:

Our cohort partners give financial support to sponsor a whole group of 12-15 young people through a London Spear centre. They have a direct and tangible impact on the local young people’s lives through volunteering their expertise at key moments during their Spear journey.

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Development Partners:

Our development partners generously support young people on Spear through sponsorship, volunteering and key events. These partners engage in a range of ways and often seek to recruit Spear trainees as entry-level staff once they have completed the programme.

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If you’re looking for motivated staff or apprentices who are keen to stay long term, partnering with Spear is a great choice.


We also offer tailored management training.

Programme locations

16-24? Available weekdays 2-5pm? We hold our programmes in the following locations: