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Spear offers a new, more comprehensive approach to entry-level recruitment.

If you’re looking for motivated staff or apprentices who are keen to stay long term, partnering with Spear is a great choice. You will have access to the fantastic potential of work-ready young people who have completed the Spear programme, together with continuing support to equip managers of entry-level staff to get the most out of their recruits.

Our candidates are a source of untapped talent. They have overcome significant disadvantage and offer an exceptional level of initiative, ability and creativity that employers need. Read about our success stories here.

75% of the young people Spear places with employers are still in post a year later.

Preparing the right candidates

We do everything to ensure that our young people achieve long-term success. We spend six weeks preparing our candidates on Spear, where we get to know each of them while they develop the skills and attitudes necessary to thrive in the workplace.

A year of support

When you take on a Spear trainee, our team of coaches supports the young person for a whole year, alongside their manager, to ensure the placement is a success.

We are a member of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals.

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