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"Coaching for Leadership was a transformative experience. From day one I began to feel some of the techniques start improving my management style at work. The trainers made it stretching, engaging, insightful and, most of all, really fun. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in becoming a better manager or leader!” Zara Pearson, Programme Director, Entrepreneurs Foundation Venue

Management training

“Working with Resurgo has had a profound impact on our business and has been regarded universally by participants as the most effective training they have ever experienced. In the words of our Managing Director – the best money we’ve ever spent.” – Operations Partner, MJ Mapp

Our coaches can help you create a healthy, motivated workplace culture where individuals thrive and teams work well together.

Our outstanding record of equipping young people for work over the past ten years demonstrates how effective and transformational our coaching is.

We combine our deep understanding of young people with our founders’ experience of helping multi-national organisations to create effective, energised teams.

Resurgo is a recognised coaching provider by the Institute of Leadership and Management. We provide two types of management training:

Training page - Coaching For LeadershipTailored management coaching

Our tailored in-house programmes bring Resurgo’s coaching expertise to you

With groups of up to 15 people at a time, we tailor our in-house coaching programmes to your business and management style. We address specific issues in your organisation.

  • Coaching your entry-level staff and apprentices

Our coaching programmes will ignite the potential in your younger entry-level staff and apprentices. They’ll gain positive attitudes, develop interpersonal and communication skills, and build self-confidence, motivation and enthusiasm. We’ll help them understand the hidden rules of the workplace that it’s easy to assume they know.

  • Coaching your managers to coach

Not all managers are natural coaches. We can coach your managers in the skills they need to release the potential of the people they’re responsible for, especially younger and entry-level staff.

Your managers will be equipped to tackle common issues like motivation, communication, delegation, responsibility and goal-setting – creating a healthier workplace where staff thrive in their roles.

  • Coaching your senior managers

Establishing a coaching culture in your organisation will require your senior management team to be able to both understand, and deliver, a coaching approach in their own line management and their delivery of team meetings.  We can equip your senior management team to do both, often while addressing some key communication or relational challenges that exist within the senior team that may be undermining your organisation’s performance and planning the change process that may be required for long-term culture change.

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Coaching for Leadership programme

Our ‘Coaching for Leadership’ programme equips leaders, directors and senior managers to develop their skills in coaching, delegation and group facilitation, with the goal of improving business performance.

Coaching for Leadership runs regularly at our facilities in Hammersmith. The five-day programme is a­rranged over six weeks so that delegates can practise and apply their new coaching skills at work between sessions. Each delegate also receives two one-to-one coaching sessions with one of our senior coaches.

Coaching for Leadership equips leaders with powerful skills, including:

  • Creating an effective coaching culture
  • Coaching and empowering the people you manage
  • Managing in challenging but motivating ways
  • Delegating effectively
  • Making inspiring leadership presentations
  • Facilitating effective meetings

The programme is approved and certified by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

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Additional information:

Contact hours: Five all day sessions, minimum of 35 hours in a mixture of group and 1:1 work.

Cost: £2,500. We can help arrange bursaries for registered charities.

Lead instructors: Iona Ledwidge, Jo Rice, Pete Bacon, Susanna Beck, Hannah Stewart.

Designed for: Anybody with managerial or team development responsibilities.

Payment and refund policy: Full payment is required before the start of the programme. If attendance is cancelled within 14 days of the programme start date, no refund will be given.