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Resurgo Ventures has worked with a wide range of early-stage Ventures, in areas including health, homelessness, trafficking, education and others.

Resurgo Ventures is working with a wide range of businesses making a social impact.

New Ground

The business

New Ground is an artisanal, ethical coffee company offering highest quality roasted coffee to discerning customers through wholesale, internet order and subscription. The founders carefully select only ethical beans and have developed proprietary roasting profiles, to bring out unique and satisfying coffee flavours.

Social Impact

It is well-documented that prisoners are 67% less likely to reoffend after release if they have jobs. That’s where New Ground fits in. They roast high grade, speciality coffee in Oxford and use it as a vehicle to train and create employment for ex-offenders in a long-term, sustainable future in the growing coffee industry.

New Ground also work with small-scale farmers who produce the best coffees around the world, and ensure that these farmers are paid fairly and their communities are positively impacted. They partner with Olam Specialty Coffee to maximise community impact across the whole supply chain, going much further than just ‘fair trade’.


Luminary Bakery

The business

Luminary is a popular and pro table East London bakery and café, selling wholesale and retail baked goods across London and the UK. They regularly stock Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop and have supplied other well-known brands including Pandora, TOMS and Stella McCartney. They have a stall at Borough Market, have recently launched a Wedding Cake range and their products have been featured in Vogue, Stylist and TimeOut London.

Social Impact

Luminary is an innovative opportunity for women furthest from the job market, who have experienced social and economic disadvantage, to build a future for themselves and their families. They provide a safe and professional environment where women can grow holistically, encouraging ambition, restoration and second chances. Luminary uses baking as a tool to take women on a journey to employability and entrepreneurship, equipping them with transferable skills for the working world. They offer 6 month traineeships that equip them with practical skills, personal development and individual support to reach their goals.

Luminary has been in operation for three years and they have supported 45 women with an 88% employment success rate of women moving into employment, further training or enterprise.

Make Kit

The business

Make Kit Food create recipe kits for the growing market of vegetarians, vegans and meat reducers. Their aim is to improve the health of the nation by helping them eat more vegetables.

Following a successful pilot with the NHS in January 2017, they are now the first nationwide meat-free recipe kit business. The NHS research showed that their recipe kits are a successful and cost-effective means to overcoming the barriers to a healthy diet.

Make Kit’s passion is to help their customers discover delicious veg-based dinners that use flavours from around the world and that they can confidently cook at home.

Social Impact

Diet is the second greatest cause of death globally, and in the UK diabetes costs the NHS £1 million every hour. However, the most disadvantaged in society are more likely to experience diet-related disease.

With Make Kit’s unique 1-for-1 model they want to remove the health inequalities that exist around food. For every purchase of a recipe box they donate a fresh, healthy, affordable meal kit to a family in food poverty via a network of food banks and children’s centres.


The business

HOLOS creates products that foster health, wellness and vitality. Their flagship product is kombucha, a chilled, tea- based fermented soft drink that is low in sugar and promotes gut health.

Social Impact

The HOLOS mission is to encourage and equip survivors of trafficking to gain meaningful employment through training, job opportunities and charity partnerships.

There are over 30,000 victims of trafficking in the UK. Sadly even if all these persons escaped their situation, 40% of them would be re-trafficked. Access to employment significantly reduces this risk. To that end, the HOLOS vision is to grow the business whereby one in four employees is a survivor of trafficking.

In addition, through the HOLOS ownership structure, profits are shared with charity projects supporting employability of survivors of trafficking, starting with the Sophie Hayes Foundation Day 46 Programme.

You can read more about the businesses on our inaugural accelerator programme in this brochure.

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